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Updated: Feb 2, 2019

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Photo Credit: Kristen Digilio

A little introduction before my very first blog!

My name is Nicole Gonnelly-Digilio. I am a Master Hair Stylist & I own Gypsy Hair Lounge. We are a private luxury studio located in Port Jefferson, New York. We are a fierce lady squad of three right now and relishing in our growth and expansion.

We became a Eufora Exclusive Salon in November of 2017.

What does that even mean?

As an owner, I found myself feeling stagnant. I did not LOVE any products I was using. I was sick of cherry picking from different companies. I was tired of company representatives promising me the world and not delivering. I also developed an auto-immune disease which I was finding to react poorly to certain products I was using on myself. I was at a loss. Then I discovered Eufora.

The first thing I loved is that all of the products are aloe based . That is the very first ingredient in everything. I loved that! All of the other brands I ever used had water as their first ingredient. Basically you are paying $35-$50 for "quality salon products" of WATER!

I then took it upon myself to travel to Carlsbad, California for Eufora Vision Quest to see what the hype was about . I literally discovered a new version of myself. There were mindful sessions I took that were designed to facilitate wellness and balance in our personal & professional lives. There were acclaimed keynote speakers, innovative breakouts, brilliant buzz sessions & daily wellness and fitness activities

WOAH! I have been in the beauty industry for 20 years and in my personal experience, these companies usually don't really care about you personally. They do at first, then you sign on with them and you are forgotten unless you are a large salon that puts in large orders to make them more money.

The culture was beautiful. There were no egos. No arrogance. You felt equal to everyone there. I was finally able to be myself and be accepted amongst a huge group of hairstylists!!! It is still mind blowing to me. These were my people. I decided to jump in full force after that eventful couple of days.

We are actually going back in a week to the Eufora Global Connection. This is supposed to reignite our passion for beauty, inspire new goals and spark the creative genius that propels us towards success. We are planning on coming back to New York refreshed and ready to break out our new cutting and coloring skills we learned! Oh, did I mention Eufora is an education based company, providing us with TONS of education? We literally never stop learning.

Back to the answer to the question of what "Eufora Exclusive" means. It means we WORK, BREATHE , SLEEP AND BLEED Eufora. We love their culture, products, color, education and opportunities we have been given with them. Therefore, we do not carry any other lines. We have no need to!

They are tried and true by Us first. People Friendly and Planet Friendly.

Our next Blog we will be filling you in on our Cali trip!!

Stay tuned for more of our behind the scenes, on location, techniques, product recommendations and salon life!

Much Love,

Nicole xo

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